Thursday, February 02, 2012

Upside Down

Thirty minutes before I was slated to be interviewed, I settled into a sofa in the lobby of the Westin O'Hare and practiced my presentation. Across the hall, I noticed the woman I had met on the shuttle over from the airport, a woman interviewing for the same position but based in Denver. I lowered my gaze and returned to my notes.

Almost four hours later, as I came through security, my phone rang. "How did it go?" asked the friend who had tipped me off to the job opportunity, the friend who worked where I was applying.

"Just before going in, I realized that the Smith transcript I oh-so-confidently included in my brag book noted a C+ in Medical Sociology. And I couldn't even yank it because 'transcripts' was listed in the table of contents."

"Don't worry about it."

"Medical Sociology. C+. It's a gig for a pharma company."

"No, I'm sure you were fine."

I turned off my phone, the battery almost dead, and sat down to eat a mediocre burger from an airport Chili's. Though I tried to read, my eyes couldn't focus. My jaw was tired from talking. My head ached from thinking. Halfway through the meal, I surrendered to my fatigue and waved down the server for the check. While I waited, I turned my phone back on and was immediately met with a text from the friend I had spoken with earlier: CALL ME!!!!

I took one last swig of my watered down margarita, scribbled my signature, and set off to find an outlet.

"Hey," I said as I leaned against the pale blue wall of a narrow hall connecting two terminals, the passageway cluttered with businessmen and pilots eager to recharge various forms of technology. "I just had a drink, figuring I could at the very least celebrate getting this far. Also, O'Hare never fails to deliver when it comes to suckiness."

"So I probably shouldn't tell you this but, um, the hiring executive I know just rang me. You got the job!"

"Shut. UP."

"Nope, they loved you. They'll be calling tomorrow to make an offer but you need to pretend you don't know."

"Know what?" I asked, before breaking into a high pitched squeal that echoed throughout the airport.

When I got off the phone, I called Leslie. Next I rang my parents. And then I sent quick text messages to the few people who were in the loop. As I moseyed to my gate, I lapsed into a state of shock and disbelief. It wasn't that I questioned whether I was a solid candidate. Not once did I fear I had come across badly in person. But all of a sudden, my life was about to be turned on its head. More importantly, for all of the right reasons.


*jcg said...

I am THRILLED for you, Paige!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! Double-wow. Never doubted it for a moment, but I did have to make a conscious effort NOT to email you and ask when you'd be starting. :)

j said...


DL White said...


Breeza said...


Sarah said...

At least you took medical sociology! I wonder what they would think of my Chaucer I and Chaucer II.

Lilly said...


I so hoped you'd get it and I am so very excited for you (and now *really* looking forward to the post regarding your jerk boss).

Congratulations to you, you deserve it!

mysterygirl! said...

Yay!! The job couldn't go to someone more deserving. :)

Snakebite said...


Howie said...

mazel tov

Bathwater said...

To Sarah- Who takes two semesters of Chaucer?

PJ- Congrats I would never have doubted your chances for success.

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